The COVID-19 crisis highlighted stress-tested essential services, disrupted many existing services and created new services of unknown trustworthiness. The trustworthiness and security of the services should be restored swiftly. That can be achieved by developing and operating services with built-in resilience. This project proposes that the built-in resilience is an organizational capability, which can only achieved by collaboration and knowledge exchange in an ecosystem of organizations an all related parties.

The project proposes that the resilience capability is achieved by bundling services with:

  1. its digital twin used for data and simulation based resilience evaluation,
  2. innovative e-learning solutions for user acceptance efficient utilization,
  3. knowledge exchange in a form of pattern for quick knowledge accumulation.

The goal of the project is elaborate method and technological solutions for dynamic adaption and securing of service in response to crisis situations. The method is developed as an extension of the Capability Driven Development and is approbated by investigating four use cases. The project will develop policy guidelines for delivery of secure telemedicine services, secure business services and resilient e-learning services.